stemma craft coffe

About The Owners

Rebecca Blandon

She is the Co-Owner and Founder of Stemma Craft Coffee. For her, coffee has a very special meaning. She grew up in a family of expert coffee growers, learning about production, cupping, and developing a great passion for the industry. Since she was a child, she visited the family Hacienda in Jinotega, Nicaragua. It was a magical place where she discovered that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. 

Her passion for the industry only grew as she got older. She worked in a specialty coffee shop in Winter Garden, FL, as a barista and made some direct exchanges representing her father’s farm with key companies based in the United States. Thanks to her network of contacts, she began working at a wholesale coffee roasting facility as Director of Operations in Orlando. 

Her favorite memories include the aroma of coffee and the image of her father sitting in his favorite chair after a long day with a glass of wine while he examined the green coffee samples he brought back from his farm. He would always ask her to sit next to him to have coffee talk, and by coffee, he meant the dream of opening a coffee shop together in the future.

In 2021, after her father’s loss, she decided to make that dream come true and keep the family legacy alive.

María Blandon

Rebecca’s mother and Co-Owner of Stemma Craft Coffee. She began her journey in the industry hand in hand with her beloved husband, Alvaro Blandon. His love and devotion for coffee immediately captivated her. Together they traveled and discovered all the wonders behind the small roasted seeds. Their passion grew just as a fruitful tree full of coffee berries. 

For several years they worked together at the Hacienda. Although Alvaro’s primary occupation was dentistry, he never missed an opportunity to get involved in the harvest. He always helped the great family that runs the Hacienda “La Misericordia” together with the Blandon family.

 After the loss of her husband, she decided to continue the family legacy with her daughter. Determined to enter the sector and hit the ground running, just as her husband would have, she obtained her import license to introduce their coffee in the United States. Thanks to this, she created contacts in the industry and began selling her own coffee. 

For Maria, it has been a journey full of emotions. Working hard every day alongside her daughter has been a wonderful experience. Keeping the family legacy alive is the best way to honor her love for her husband.