A Letter, A Love Legacy

Mi Güerito, that’s what I used to call you.

Every day I thank God for allowing me to share 35 years of my life with such a wonderful man like you. I think of you every day of my life. But, what I remember most is your positivity, willingness to work, honesty, concern, and love for me and your children. I even remember what a great dancer you were. You never complained, not even in the most challenging times, and always had a smile on your face.

Those who knew you know that you were an exceptional man.

You might not believe it, but you taught me so much. Not only by your passion for coffee and the countryside but also by your desire to share and help others: That is the great legacy of love you have left us and the one you passed on to us.

I want you to know that this coffee is you. It is a way to keep you alive with us while sharing that passion with many other people.

We want everyone to feel all the love and dedication behind every cup of coffee. We want them to discover the extraordinary story of love, hard work, and hope that each cup, no matter how small it may be, holds.

If we can bring a smile to at least one person today, as they enjoy a cup of Stemma coffee from our beautiful little town in Jinotega, Nicaragua, then we know we are doing something right as you smile down on us from wherever you are. I will always love you and will missed every day of my life, until we meet again.

Mi papi,
There’s so much I want to tell you.. So much has changed since you’ve been gone.

Remember that dream we always shared together of opening a coffee shop? Well papi, guess what.I’m doing it! And I just want you to know that it’s all because of you. I know I’m ready, and the path you and God put in my life to follow, has proven that, I can feel it.

You are the reason for everything. You showed me the love you poured into the coffee farm and it moved me. The way you took care of the employees on the finca, and the respect they have for you is so heartwarming. And that’s something I want to be for them too. Someone they can count on. Someone they respect. It goes to show you how amazing you were as a person/boss.

My goal is to be successful and give back to the communities of Nicaragua, starting with our staff and families. And those goals started with the memories I had as a child going to Nica and giving away clothes and food to the poor families.. which is one of the most special moments I have stored in my heart. You and mami showed me that. You showed me to be passionate, humble and generous. And that’s why I knew, the coffee industry was for me.

Coffee was one of the many passions only you and I shared together. And I loved that, that was our bond as daddy and his little girl. I always loved talking about it and learning more from you. The memories could go on forever.

Laurita (my little cousin) called me recently and told me she had a dream of you papi. She was walking towards our coffee shop during the soft opening and saw you sitting outside with a soft smile on your face, drinking a cup of Stemma coffee and reading the newspaper. She felt your presence. She knew she has to tell me. When I heard that, it was bittersweet which brought tears to my eyes. It reassured me that Stemma Craft Coffee is meeting it’s purpose.. your legacy, your remembrance, you.

I miss you every single day. And I know that the moment I open those doors to the public, that you’ll be right beside me with a big smile on your face welcoming everyone inside. I hope I make you proud papi.