Our History

Many people may wonder how a family living in Orlando, FL, has access to one of the best coffees in Nicaragua. Well, it all started four generations ago, in 1960, when Zacarias Blandon started growing coffee in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. A coffee-growers paradise, located 4429ft above sea level, made it the ideal place to produce the best quality coffee. 

Each generation has improved the cultivation process, even through difficult times like heavy rains that threatened to damage the harvest and many other hurdles. Our love, teamwork, and perseverance have always kept us strong, allowing us to bring every new project to life. 

We continue to produce the best coffee in Nicaragua from this sacred place while representing our country in multiple high-profile events such as the Cup of Excellence, the Hall of the Oscars, the Hall of the Emmys, and the George Lopez Foundation.

Our Family on the Farm

In 2007, Marvin had a steady job as a driver, but he had to leave that job and go back to his hometown due to life changes. He was going back to his family but had lost his job stability. At that moment, he met Alvaro Blandon, who offered him the opportunity to manage a coffee farm.

In his words: “The Doctor put his trust in me, and over the years we established a very close relationship, more than a boss, he was my sincere and loyal friend, transparent in his actions and also fair. ” Together with courage, they achieved every goal they set for themselves.

Today, Marvin continues to meet those goals while he seems to hear the voice of his boss and friend telling him: “Never go back!” At the Hacienda “La Misericordia” no one is an employee. They are all one big family that works together, celebrates achievements, and overcomes challenges.

They always remember that their efforts impact the lives of others who need them, especially our great Nicaraguan community.


Director of Operations at the Hacienda in Nicaragua