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Daniel "Coffee Program Manager"

He was born and raised in Puerto Rico. About 10 years ago, he worked as a waiter at a restaurant that served espresso and where he had the opportunity to learn how to make specialty coffee. His family was involved in the service industry, so he was no stranger to customer service, but he fell in love with the connection he created with customers through coffee.

Later, he worked hard to obtain barista certifications, including working at the “Escuela de Café and Baristas de Puerto Rico,” which at the time, was the only SCA-certified education camp in PR. Finally, he took on the role of instructor teaching SCA students.

At Stemma Craft Coffee, he ensures that our coffee beans and infusions meet the highest quality standards. He will also train our staff to serve the best cup of coffee in town while maintaining our level of service that reads: Coffee is more than just a cup. It’s an experience that creates community. 

Leandro "The Chef"

In Argentina, at a very young age, he inherited from his parents and maternal grandmother the love and passion for cuisine. He learned what homemade from scratch means, what it represents, the value of hard work, and the time one invests in the people and things we love.

As he grew curious to learn about the culinary art of other cultures and nations, and after studying at Culinary School, he embarked on a personal journey of discovery. On that journey, he met many people with whom he shared experiences and knowledge that he will treasure forever. Friends in Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, Spain, France…and the list goes on.

When Rebecca told him about Stemma Craft Coffee, and its potential, he instantly thought this was the perfect situation for him. To integrate and blend all those cultures that influenced his personal growth, while at the same time, bringing out the best of our Latin roots.

He is eternally grateful to be part of this wonderful and creative team, with its inclusive, transparent leadership and the ideals that ground the company.

Aizhak "The Roaster"

He grew up in Orlando, went to college in Colorado, and has been roasting coffee since 2017.

Curiosity is what motivates him. He considers that there’s a lot about coffee the world does not know and wishes to discover everything. For him, roasting provides monumental amounts of data because roasters have direct contact with farms, importers, baristas, and consumers – so it just made sense to become one!

When the opportunity to join the Stemma team came, the decision was easy! His goals are aligned with ours: make the best possible coffee! It was a match from the start. He has made it clear that having the opportunity to work with passionate people at every stage in the process is a blessing, and he feels fortunate to be a part of the Stemma legacy. We’re lucky to have him!

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Stemma Craft Coffee Family

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